I have been working professionally with Microsoft technologies for the last 8 years. Starting as a consultant, I helped companies and local governments integrate their technology and business, using Microsoft BizTalk. While I look fondly back on my BizTalk days, I enjoy the current landscape so much more.

I have a strong interest in cloud computing. So much so, that I joined the Microsoft Azure Service Bus team. While I miss my time at Microsoft, my wife, dog, and I are all now happily settled back in to the Chicago suburbs, closer to family.

Currently I am working remotely as a software engineer for a retail point of sale software company, RICS Software.

I am hoping to use this blog to help chronicle both my professional and personal work. Stay tuned for for things about Microsoft, Azure, Service Fabric, Xamarin, Service Bus, Event Hubs, Relay, and anything else I run in to along the way.

Follow me on Twitter @jtaubensee.